The Things We Did As Kids


You and I? We’re so fucking mature! We have real world problems like whether or not we should drag our asses off our Ikea couches and buy a sandwich at the falafel place down the block. Whether or not we should subscribe to Netflix or OkCupid! Whether or not we should go to a bar on a Wednesday night! It all feels so encompassing, this real adult world, and because of it I have ABANDONED MY CHILD(HOOD). I am a grown-up, the sixteen year old in my withered up and dead, if that were a thing that is possible. Listen, you non-Peter Pans- there are plenty of things I am glad to leave behind in the child world. However, for the sake of all of our sanity, there are plenty of things we should still continue to do in our old and growing ages that we also did as kids. I think it makes our skin look better. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t let go at any age (and many I still do and know you do, too): 

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